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Welcome to Made in Holt. A website containing photography and news from the small former market town of Holt and around North Norfolk.

 *** Other random stuff may also frequently appear on here and it may not always specifically relate to Holt, North Norfolk, news or photography!***

From the news

Prismatic Cloud – Holt Lowes – 19th November 2014

There was a lovely blue sky, so I decided to take the dog (and camera) out for a walk round Holt Country Park. We got as far as the pond, cut through onto the lowes and headed back down towards Hempstead Road. I was watching a Kestrel hunting over the heath and as it flew into the sun, this was when I noticed these beautiful iridescent clouds starting to appear as the sun became partially cloaked by some thicker cloud below.


Prismatic Cloud - Holt Lowes
Prismatic Cloud – 01

The colours in the cloud were only there for a couple of minutes at the most before the cloud moved away to reveal the sun again.

Prismatic Cloud - Holt Lowes
Prismatic Cloud


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