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Been fishing on coast of New Forest – Grey Mullet

Keyhaven - Dorset - New ForestJust returned from a pleasant stay in Dorset. Fortunately it was the night before we drove home when some scum-bag stole my telescopic rod and fishing reel from the carport of the holiday cottage. It was the first time I had picked up a rod and reel for a while as sea fishing off the Norfolk coast is pretty poor. I lost interest a long time ago.

The south coast of England provides a better opportunity for the fair weather angler so I decided to have a go. Hunter gatherer wanted to put dinner on table for rest of tribe – ug, me went fishing.

I had a cheap telescopic 3.6m spinning rod and reel set that I purchased on a holiday abroad years ago, I was given some fresh line to put on it just before we set off on our travels and dug out hooks, lures and weights from the shed. 

Caught this 5 3/4lbGrey Mullet Grey Mullet on my first cast at Hurst Spit, Keyhaven.

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