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Headway release Gallery Plug-in Update 1.1 for Headway 2.0.2

The gallery (formerly advanced gallery leaf) which I had temporarily disabled due to a few hiccups with the newly released WordPress theme used for my websites –  has been fixed. Version 1.1 of Headway Themes free Gallery Plug-in is now available to download from the dashboard of their new look website.

To install the new plug-in:-

  1. First off do a backup, then deactivate and delete version 1.0 if you have already installed.
  2. Download the new plug-in from Headway members area and make a note of where it downloaded to.
  3. In wp-admin go to Plugins>Plugins and click on the Add New button, then click on Upload.
  4. Browse to the headway-photo-gallery-leaf you downloaded a few moments ago and click on Install Now button.
  5. Once it has installed ensure the plug-in is activated .

That's it, your Headway Gallery should be fully functioning again.