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Broadband Speed – Holt

I have taken down my previous post following a recent telephone conversation with a very knowledgeable local councilor. It looks like I have fallen foul of some serious misinformation, from several supposed experts at both BT and, surprisingly, Talk Talk too.

The weird thing about this, is that it turns out Talk Talk are actually under-selling the capability of their broadband service  for those of us who live within close proximity to the exchange in Holt.

Talk Talk has LLU status within Holt exchange (double click on this link for a very good explanation of LLU and what it can offer the end user). Only yesterday, whilst I was discussing my grievance with BT, did a representative at BT yet again tell me more untruths about LLU, ADSL, ADSLmax and ADSL2+. Fortunately, this call has been recorded and now forms part of my pending complaint with BT.

My earlier statement is kind of true, TALK TALK cannot provide 14Mbps (1.75MBps) broadband speeds. The truth is they can actually squeeze out close to 20Mbps (2.5MBps) – if you live within 500 metres or so of the Holt exchange. However, I am not yet sure how these current speeds will be affected as more broadband users switch to Talk Talk? Although, I get the impression Talk Talk do not know this either!

I mentioned in my previous (now removed) post that Talk Talk are cheaper, yes they are, much cheaper! For the unlimited broadband and anytime calls phone package, if you pre-purchase 12 months telephone line rental with Talk Talk, you can expect to pay £244.50 for twelve months (first 6 months of broadband is half price at the moment). The much slower BT equivalent will cost you £346.50.

I am gutted. I recently agreed to extend my existing contract with BT for another 12 months. According to BT they have no immediate plans to upgrade the service they offer through Holt exchange, well not until 2013, 2104 or maybe even 2015. So I am stuck with upto 7Mbps (0.875MBps) for the next twelve months, unless I am successful in my upcoming fight with BT… I think I could put up with the dire customer service at Talk Talk in exchange for 20Mbps downloading.

1 Byte (B) = 8 bytes (b).

Check your existing speed here (double click this link).