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Dragonflies – Broad-bodied Chasers

Malformed Female ChaserReturning to the pond again a few days after taking the first photographs of this years Broad-bodied Chasers – we were met with the ongoing aerial display. It would appear that several more of the larva had gone through the metamorphosis into adult form – well not quite all of them as you will see from this picture. It looks like this female Chaser emerged to late in the day and dried out a little too quickly in the blistering heat of an early June morning. Unfortunately [fortunately] for the sole female on the pond she had to contend with more than a dozen rampant male Chasers – which meant she never actually got to rest for more than a few seconds and proved very difficult to photograph.

After several stops high up in the canopy of an Oak tree – the golden brown bodied dragonfly swooped down to the centre of the pond and started dipping her rear into the water as she laid a few fertilised eggs. It was time for me to get my feet wet! I had to keep my flip-flops on to avoid getting my feed shredded by all the broken glass strewn about by our local asbo contenders. So there I stood – shin deep in stinking, stagnant muddy water waiting for a visitation from the elusive female dragonfly…

Whilst I was doing an impression of a rod-less fly fisherman – the female Chaser decided to land on the bank a few yards away from where I had been sitting – typical, I thought. Patience paid off in the end though as she finally came down to dip her butt a few feet from where I was paddling.

I have added a couple of the photographs to the gallery which you can link to by double clicking the picture on this page.

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