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Dragonfly – Broad-bodied Chaser

Broad-bodied ChaserThese dragonflies are thriving on a local pond, there were a couple of males and a female flying around last year. However a few days ago I spotted at least half a dozen of the blue-bodied males performing high speed aerobatics over the pond. You can hear the occasional clatter of wings as the dog fighting males collide in mid air before briefly settling down to recharge on a nearby plant and soak up some sun.

The brown-bodied female was being quite illusive. She was probably watching from a distance, checking out which of the males had the best aerial skills – before swopping down into the middle of the pond, briefly dipping her abdomen in the water as a signal to the circling males. It was only seconds before a still battling pair of males came down to try their luck. And then they were off  for more high speed aerial showmanship – enough to make you go dizzy.

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