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Elite Crono Fluid Elastogel Trainer used with MTB Cycle

Elite Chrono Fluid Elastogel - LeftWith the nights starting to close in and the clocks falling back at the end of this month I was beginning to think I had perhaps purchased my bike at the wrong time of the year.

Not to be done out of the new found benefit I had found in cycling it was time to hit the internet and find myself an exercise bike. Now part of the lounge is already taken up with my partners cross-trainer so space is at a bit of a premium. The cost of a decent exercise bike was looking like setting me back £100 –  £150 but the size of it was going to cause me huge storage problems with there being no space to leave it set up anywhere.

I looked at alternatives, I already had a bike. After reading lots of reviews and customer feedback I eventually started looking at the range of turbo trainers on Chain Reaction Cycles website.

The Elite range of turbo trainers come in a variety shapes and models. I needed one which folded up small and could be tucked away in a cupboard when not set up with the bike attached. The Elite Crono Mag Elastogel first caught my eye as it appeared to fold up into something resembling the size of a large briefcase and so the dimensions checked out.

I started shopping around and found the Elite Crono Fluid EG Trainer – Black which is currently discounted on Amazon.

This is an excellent trainer for it's current price. For assembly all you need to do is bolt the fan/roller housing to the plastic arm and you are almost ready to roll. Existing quick release skewers can be taped over to protect them and will fit the easy to use rear wheel clamp mechanism.

I was impatient to decided to have a spin with off-road tyre's and got a bit of a shock at the noise – then I read the instructions. 

If you are going to use this product with MTB tyres in a residential area do not act surprised when you later find that elderly neighbours have dived for cover under their dining tables whilst you pedaled in top gear.

I ended up buying a cheap spare rear wheel (without brake disc) to pop a 26" X 1.5" slick tyre on and the results are fantastic. Elite Crono Fluid EG Trainer – Black is an absolute awesome buy. I then used the special Elite skewer which came packaged with the product on the spare training wheel.

In top gear (44T to 11T) the resistance is enough for you to want to change down a gear after a while for some lower resistance spinning. By utilising gear shift the fluid resistance fan has as many settings as you have gears on your bike without the need for attaching an extra lever to your handlebars.

Now I can practice pedaling using the Elite trainer without having to worry about the weather or lighting conditions outside –  apart from when getting the bike to and from the shed.

Buy it here… Elite Crono Fluid EG Trainer – Black – Made in Italy.

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