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Looks like my patience and dedication to the incorporated advanced gallery in the increasingly popular Headway Theme  – is not going to pay me any dividends.
Well not if I am reading the vibe from this comment found in the Headway Support Forum correctly – that's just 'expletive' typical of my luck.
Headway will soon become the second semi-dedicated photo theme that has left me wanting something better.
I cannot take away the fact that Headway is a fantastic bit of kit for developing general websites – but from a personal point of view this latest decision is a bit of a blow.
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We are actually removing the Photo Gallery from the core in Headway in the next version and putting it in the Marketplace as a free download. Why, because we have developers coming up with some awesome Headway Leafs that will be doing this function too.

One of the other reasons we are removing it from the core is to remove bloat. Not all of our users are wanting to use the Galley so we are only making it to be a download so it does not add to the "code bloat" for all users.

Will Clay be working on making our current Photo Gallery better? I don't know. Clay may work on a new version of the Photo Gallery once the next version of Headway comes out.

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