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Holt Community Centre – 2012 Appeal

I can just about remember this place being built. So Holt Community Centre is definitely getting on a bit and therefore, it is in need of some updating and repairs (and I know that feeling all too well).

Holt Community Centre needs to ‘very urgently’ raise a few thousand pounds, by the end of August 2012, so as not to lose out on some of the funding which has been ‘pledged’. Although, it does seem harsh that funding is to be withdrawn due to a lack of funding…?

Click on the image below to get whisked off to the Holt Community Centre website. Once there, you will find options for getting in touch with those organising the fund raising – if you want to help.

Holt Community Centre -  2012 Fund Raising
Holt Community Centre – 2012 Fund Raising

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