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Horrible Headway Headache Happening Here

Mmmm…. I have been honest when banging on about how good Headway is –  however the people over at Headway Themes have just released a major software update and leapt from version 1.6.6 to version 2.0.1. I had been following development through several public beta releases but decided not to touch this website until a proper version was released to the paying masses, so as to avoid any problems associated with the massive changes. If you don't want a photo gallery on your website then Headway Themes is probably the best money you could ever spend, especially if you want to learn to build and maintain your own domain and web space –  which is far cheaper than paying someone else to do it.

Unfortunately for me –  I purchased Headway at a time when the days of the included Advanced Gallery Leaf were numbered. To cut a long story short…. my galleries are now broken. I am rather hoping the developer is trying hard to address the issue –  but I doubt the gallery is currently riding high on his agenda due to a) the fact the gallery was considered by most as clutter b) support for a free plug-in is usually fairly casual.

So sorry folks –  it does not matter which gallery subject you click on now. Each individual gallery is currently displaying exactly the same set of photographs – all of them. I am now off to find a corner in which to sit and quietly mumble to myself.

5/11/2010 Respect, where respect is due. An update to the Gallery Plug-in has been released and after a couple of failed attempts to get it to install (You need to deactivate and completely delete version 1.0 of the Gallery Plug-in before trying to upload and install version 1.1)*

*Auto-update would be a nice feature for all Headway Plug-ins – to be in keeping with the main theme!!

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