No Need For WordPress Developers — Drag & Drop With Headway

Image resize and compression required

After spending most of the day trawling through WordPress compatible image plug-in websites – I decided I did not want to spend more money on another product just to show my photographs. Smug Mug Pro looked very good but at $150 per year for the priviledge I decided against it. Some of the free products looked OK however most looked like a lot of hassle and probably would not work properly or somehow conflict with Headway.

Following a break watching some TV…

I have found a way to use the advanced gallery leaf slideshow in Headway without distorting all of my photographs – it just means I need to resize all of my images to a certain size and reload them back onto WordPress, which could take a while. I must also remember to not take any portrait orientated snaps as I think there will still be issues with these.

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