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Mountain biking in Norfolk

This neck injury I have has put pay to fun for far too long now – I purchased a hybrid from Halfords in 2005 with part of the loan I took out to replace my smashed up car. The Subway – with a frame an inch or so too big – has had very little use due to the simply fact I tried some off-road and without suspension it really played havoc with my neck. Bikes seem to have come a long way in five years, in 2005 I got a suspension seat post!

Giant XTC ZeroMountain bikes no longer weigh a ton even when kitted out with front and rear suspension – I am not sure if I should go for full suspension mtb to save my neck from too much jolting. I already have a hybrid which has hardly been used which can be put back into action with some road work.

I tried a Giant XTC Zero over at Pauls Cycles  – it only has front suspension but felt really good and would soak up a lot of the front impact which I blame for aggravating my shoulder. If I go for the ultimate in lightweight and comfort then I think the Zero is superb but a lot more cash will be needed to try and get a full suspension Giant of a similar weight.

Unfortunately because of my condition I am going to need a light bike and that is a bugger because in the biking world less weight equals more money. From the days when I dabbled in road racing I know best components are made with bleeding edge materials – that has not changed.

Do I need to look at full suspension or will a hard-tail do?

What is the point of having a mountain bike in Norfolk? There are a few woods and bumps with man made obstacles around here that should get the adrenalin pumping again.

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