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Prismatic Cloud – Holt Lowes – 19th November 2014

There was a lovely blue sky, so I decided to take the dog (and camera) out for a walk round Holt Country Park. We got as far as the pond, cut through onto the lowes and headed back down towards Hempstead Road. I was watching a Kestrel hunting over the heath and as it flew into the sun, this was when I noticed these beautiful iridescent clouds starting to appear as the sun became partially cloaked by some thicker cloud below.


Prismatic Cloud - Holt Lowes
Prismatic Cloud – 01

The colours in the cloud were only there for a couple of minutes at the most before the cloud moved away to reveal the sun again.

Prismatic Cloud - Holt Lowes
Prismatic Cloud


170 New Homes – Lodge Farm – Holt – UPDATED 07/01/2015

UPDATE: 07/01/2015 Gladman submitted a duplicate application for this site on 9th December 2014. PO/14/1603 | Erection of up to 170 dwellings and associated infrastructure | Land South of Lodge Close, Holt This ‘new’ application is identical, albeit for the inclusion of a report by Turder Morum dismissing NNDC’s main argument for refusing the original…Continue Reading

Humdinger of a storm – July 20th 2014

That was one monstrous electrical storm. I am sure one streak of lightning I saw must have shot from Wells to Cromer. Some of it was out at sea however the lightning detector on’s website recorded over 200 strikes per hour across the UK, with most of it being over Norfolk.  Continue Reading

Holt – Poison pen letters.

This matter needs putting to bed. The ‘elderly’ culprit has been cautioned and the police decided his identity should remain anonymous – this decision should be respected, end of. If he does it again then perhaps he should face the full force of the law or be put in stocks outside the mayors office for…Continue Reading

Holt Festival 2014

  A return of the free Holt Street Festival is taking place on Sunday 20th July 2014 from 12:00 until 16:00. This marks day two of this years Holt Festival which runs from Saturday 19th July until Sunday 27th July.Continue Reading