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New Supermarket for Holt.

Letters of support need to be sent to NNDC by Wednesday 2nd January 2013. To support the proposed supermarket, you need to write a letter to North Norfolk District Council (NNDC), who will be formally considering the planning application. When supporting, it is important to refer to matters which the planning committee will have to… Continue Reading

Holt Community Centre – 2012 Appeal

I can just about remember this place being built. So Holt Community Centre is definitely getting on a bit and therefore, it is in need of some updating and repairs (and I know that feeling all too well). Holt Community Centre needs to ‘very urgently’ raise a few thousand pounds, by the end of August… Continue Reading

Spring Kaleidoscope | 2012

I got round to tweaking the image first posted a few weeks ago… This one is proportioned at 16:10 ratio.   A kaleidoscopic image of Blackthorn blossom set against a clear blue Norfolk sky backdrop.   And here is another version with an acid wash border effect. Continue Reading

The Saracens Head – Norfolk

This has to be the hardest to find inn/restaurant in Norfolk, however, the rally drive there was worth the brake pad wear and diesel. Well, finding country lanes with grass growing healthily in the middle sure made it seem like a rally course. For those opting to use satellite navigation, you will probably find it quite easily.… Continue Reading

Broadband Speed – Holt

I have taken down my previous post following a recent telephone conversation with a very knowledgeable local councilor. It looks like I have fallen foul of some serious misinformation, from several supposed experts at both BT and, surprisingly, Talk Talk too. The weird thing about this, is that it turns out Talk Talk are actually under-selling the capability of… Continue Reading

Holt Escalating Local Poverty

This news is old but still shocking… Child poverty figures in north Norfolk Holt – 24pc                 For complete list… Holt Primary School Number of pupils (FTE) 161 Percentage of pupils eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) 21.1% These figures indicate that 34 of the 161 children on… Continue Reading