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Photography by Mountain Bike – North Norfolk

So I have taken the giant leap and purchased a nice shiny mountain bike; to enable me to get to the parts of North Norfolk a car just would not reach. OK, I know I am still pumping out a bit of carbon by having my PC switched on to upload this blog and upload any photographs taken to my website – so I cannot say I am 100% green but I am now hopefully heading in a more environmentally friendly direction.

It has been about 20 years since I last used a bicycle on a regular basis – hopefully it is a bit like riding a bike and I soon get used to balancing on two wheels again. I certainly cannot afford to fall off too many times if I am to go out with my camera equipment strapped to my back. I do remember it taking a while to get the hang of cleated clip-in cycling shoes on the old road bike – I amused many a motorist at road junctions when I performed my  whoops (I have forgotten to release my shoes from the pedals) now you see me now you don't side ways collapse onto tarmac. In those days concerned motorists would actually get out to see if I needed assistance – "Yes please, do you have anything for treating severe embarrassment?". Scabs on knees never got enough time to heal.

My other bike – the bone shaker – had been out a couple of times before but since buggering up my neck I did not actually enjoy riding it. Lets hope the new machine's front suspension puts pay to the post riding pain the bone shaker inflicted. If not expect lots more photographs of my back garden here soon as otherwise I have exhausted all things of interest within easy walking distance of Holt.


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