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Scareware – Coming to a PC near you.

Fake security products have been around for a while but recently the number of variants has escalated to an almost epidemic proportion. No matter who you speak to there will be someone who – by now – knows of a person who has had their PC or laptop 'infected' by installing a downloaded fake antivirus solution.

How Scareware works:-  Fake security software uses fraudulent strategies by displaying false or exaggerated security issues on your computer rather than any legitimate ones to coerce you into purchasing their software. Once installed it causes inevitable system mutation and annoyingly insecure activity. It triggers a huge number of obsessive and misleading notices like fake pop ups, fake Windows Security Center message, bogus scanners, fake alerts etc. All just to trick you into believing that your computer is exposed by multiple infections on an otherwise perfectly good and uncompromised computer. Upon completion of this disinformation attack, it will suggest that you buy a full version of it's product as a scam. The purchased product is no more use than a chocolate fireguard and the victim has just lost $30 or so.

I have copied a list that covers a few of the commonly occuring offenders – all of which should not be on your PC or laptop!! If they are – do not panic – they can be safely and easily removed. The list is in no particular order.

1. Winsecure Pro

2. Alpha Antivirus

3. Malware Defence

4. Personal Antivirus *

5. Virus Doctor*

6. Antivirus System Pro

7. Active Antivir

8. System Security

9. My Security Wall

10. Antivirus Live

11. System Guard 2009

12. Personal Security*


13. Internet Security 2010

14. Antivirus Suite

15. Antivirus Suite Demo

16. Your PC Protector

17. My Security Engine

18. Antivirus Pro 2010*

19. AKM Antivirus 2010

20. Antispyware Soft

21. Antivirus Soft

22. Security Tool

23. Digital Protection

24. GuardPcs / IGuardPc / SiteAdware / AntiAID25. Antivirus Pro

26. Advanced Virus Remover

27. Windows Antivirus Pro

28. Windows Enterprise Suite

29. System Warrior

30. Total Security*

As I mentioned prior to this rather lengthy (but not complete) list of known scareware  – there are solutions to rid your PC or laptop of this troublesome stuff. One of the best places to start before you panic and rush to the nearest PC repair shop is by clicking on the image below:-

Here you will find removal instructions for all of the items I have listed from their website. Obviously there are far, far more than included on this list but you should now have a reasonable idea of what to look out for – if in doubt just close your browser and run a cleaning application such as CCleaner before restarting your browser again and avoid the pages you were on before the pop-up appeared.

There are links to good free security products elsewhere on my website and I would always recommend that you visit an independent security testing website such as Matousec to check-up on any security product before you let it anywhere near your PC or laptop in the future. Stay safe.

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