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Upgrading to WordPress 3.0

Having successfully upgraded three of my WordPress 2.9.2 based websites to the latest version – WordPress 3.0 – I thought I would share the steps that I took to ensure a smooth transition (without the need to call on the backups I had made earlier).

If you are using a third party theme or framework for your website or blog then please check with them to make sure their theme is WordPress 3.0 ready.

Here is how I did it…

  1. From the control panel within the WordPress 2.9.2 dashboard – update all of your activated plug-ins (the ones WordPress is flagging as having available updates).
  2. Make sure you have activated all the plug-ins once they have been updated.
  3. Under the Tools section of the sidebar found in the dashboard of WordPress 2.9.2 you will see Upgrade – select this option.
  4. You will now have a screen with a warning (Important: before upgrading, please backup your database and files) – follow the backup steps before continuing onto step 5.
  5. Using your FTP program change the file attribute settings so all files in httpdocs (recursive into subdirectories) have the permission 777.
  6. Make a cup of tea whilst you wait for .5
  7. You are now ready to click on the Upgrade Automatically button – click the button.
  8. Top up your cup of tea and sit back whilst you wait for WordPress 2.9.2 to successfully update to WordPress 3.0
  9. You should be greeted with a message saying WordPress upgraded successfully
  10. Go back to your FTP program and change the file attribute settings of httpdocs back to 755 (recursive into subdirectories) then – enjoy using WordPress 3.0!

This all worked for me and as I am typing my website number four has now successfully updated to WordPress 3.0. I have checked through each site thoroughly and all appears to be in working order!

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